Parents' Help

This page is designed to help you support your child at home with their work. It is aimed at all age groups but each link will identify which age group it is best for.


Oxford Owl Website - FS1, FS2, KS1 and KS2

This website is designed to help give essential tips, phonics support and free E-books for parents and children.

  • How to pronounce pure sounds.

  • Information about phonics.

  • Advice on how to share a book with your child.

  • Free activities to play with your child.

  • Free E- books.

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Hamilton at Home is a site available to parents to support your child's learning at home. It has a range of "How to Guides" to share with children, "Things to do" which provide original and entertaining education materials to try at home and "Topics Pages" to support your work with your child with topics across a range of age groups.


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